104th Infantry Regiment
I & R Platoon
WWII 26th Infantry"yankee" Division Historical Re-enactment Group
104th Infantry Regiment I&R Platoon member by recon jeeps
Welcome to the web page of the 104th Infantry Regiment, I&R Platoon. We welcome everyone interested in the era of World War Two.
We are a Re-enacting, Living History unit that portrays the US Army Infantry soldier as he lives and breathes. You don't have to have a
Jeep (we have a couple), Truck or a Tank to be a member of our I&R Platoon. We welcome all Impressions related to this field of
endeavor, representing the many facets of the infantryman on the front line in the ETO.

In this unit YOU will live like the soldier on the line, follow the same regulations, read the same field manuals and perform the same
duties and actions as those men who sacrificed all for your future. YES, you will qualify with your M1 Garand, pitch a dog tent, dig a
foxhole and fight from it. The 104th Infantry Regiment is waiting for YOU!
We are proud to support the YDVA
Below are Photo's of the "real" 104th Infantry Regiment I&R Platoon in Luxembourg 25- Dec -1944.