The following events shown in Red are classified as "Max Push" events for 2012.  Please make a maximum effort to attend these events.     

January 7
             Yankee Division Training Pelham NH.                                Sgt Machado              Simpson Mill Rd. Pelham, NH                               0900
January 24-29        Ft Indiantown Gap -- Battle of the Bulge                            Cpt Mazzarella            Woodland Rd. Ft. Indiantown Gap                         N/A                          Website

February 18           E-Board Meeting                                                             1st Sgt Pereira           Jim/Chris's House                                               TBD

March 3                "Ghost Army" Display Lexington Historical Society              Lt Volk                      13 Depot Square Lexington, MA                            1200                          Website
March 30-31          Operation Varsity Tactical Event                                        Lt Volk                      446 Raymond Rd. Candia, NH                               0800                   Registration
April 16                 Lexington, MA Patriots Day Parade                                    Lt Barber                   438 Bedford St. Lexington, MA                             1100
April 20-21           Sterling Mass, Yankee Division HRG Training Event             Sgt Machado              176 Chace Hill Rd. Sterling, MA                            0900 HRS   

May 5                   YDVA Flag Planting, West Roxbury                                    Lt Kuebler                 409 Corey St. West Roxbury, MA                          0900 HRS
May 28                  Memorial Day Parade / Cook out                                       1st Sgt Pereira           160 Purington St. Somerset, MA                            0900 HRS

June 1-3               Reading PA, MAAM Air Show (Can arrive 5/31/12)              1st Sgt Pereira           Stimson Rd. Reading, PA                                        N/A                        Website
June 8-9               Fort Taber Public Battle and display                                     Lt Kersting               1000 Rodney French Blvd. New Bedford, MA          0900 HRS                Website
June 10                Bunker Hill Parade. Charlestown Mass.                                Lt Kersting               Baxter Rd, Charlestown, MA                                   1130 HRS

July 4                  Norwood MA Parade    Independence Day                           Lt Volk                     Philip O'Coakley Middle School                               1700 HRS
July 20-22            Dunbarton Tactical Event                                                   Lt Volk                    1121 Montelona Rd. Dunbarton, NH                          N/A                        Website

August 3-5          Great New England Air Show                                             Lt. Volk                    Industrial Gate, Westover Rd. Chicopee, MA             N/A                        Website

September 1-2     Battleship Massachusetts Open House Display                      1st Sgt Pereira           5 Water St. Fall River, MA                                       0900                       Website
September 14-16 Eisenhower Farm, WWII Weekend                                     Cpt Mazzarella           Eisenhower Dr. Gettysburg, PA                                N/A                        Website
September 21-23 Camp Edwards Open House / Training Weekend                  Cpt Mazzarella           Connery Ave. Buzzards Bay, MA                               0800  

October 5-7          Collings Foundation Display / Battle                                      Lt Volk                    137 Barton Rd. Stow, MA                                         N/A                       Website
October 26           Ghost Army Movie Premiere                                                Lt Volk                   Lexington, MA                                                       1900 HRS

November 4         104th Infantry Regiment Memorial / Parade                           T/4 Dugrenier          Apremont Park, Westfield                                         1030 HRS
November 24       Garand Match / Training Event                                             T/5 Greenwood       Simpson Mill Rd. Pelham, NH                                    0745 HRS

December 16        YD Holiday Party at Natick Amvets                                      Lt. Volk                  99 Prime Parkway, Natick, MA                                 1400-1800 HRS

Optional Events:  The events shown below are listed as optional events.  Attend these events if you wish, but the YD will not have an official presence at these events.

May 18-20            Carlisle Heritage Park Display                                              Sgt Adamsky            950 Soldiers Dr. Calisle, PA                                      N/A                      Website
May 19-20            Elbe River 1945 Tactical Event                                            Cpt Mazzarella           Rt 201 Stonington, CT                                           0900 HRS              
June 9-10             CMVC Vshicle Show                                                         Cpt Mazzarella           Chester, CT                                                            N/A
June 22-24           LHA Timeline Event                                                           Lt. Kuebler                Wilimington, VT                                                     N/A
July 8                  Wright Museum Open House                                               Sgt Adamsky             77 Center St. Wolfeboro, NH                                  1100                      Website
July 27-29            Weare Vehicle Show                                                          T/4 Dugrenier            Weare, NH                                                             N/A
Aug 25-26            Rochester Town Fair                                                          ???                            Rochester, MA                                                       N/A
Sept 7-9               Natick Vehicle Show                                                           T/4 Dugrenier            Amvets Hall, Natick, MA                                         N/A
Nov 10                 Ft. Devens Museum Open House                                          Lt. Kuebler                Ft. Devens, MA                                                     1000 HRS

The more members that can attend an event the better, but as always, we do not want anyone to feel forced to be at an event.  
Make those events you are capable of attending and we will see you there!

Max Push Events for 2012 (Per the 26YDHRG E-Board):

May 31 - June 3        WWII Weekend--Reading PA Air Show
August 11-12            YD Training--Pelham, NH
September 14-16     Eisenhower Farm WWII Weekend--Gettysburg, PA

26YDHRG  2012 Event Schedule
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