About Us

The 26th "YANKEE" Infantry Division World War Two Living History / Re-enactors, are an organization involved in commemorating the United States Army Soldier in WWII and On occasion members of our unit also portray other Era Infantry Soldier's in WW1, Korea and the Vietnam War in Living History (Re-enacting).

We are average everyday people with the enthusiasm of preserving the history of the United States Army Soldier. We use period US Army manuals, Unit History Books and a variety of internet searching to produce an accurate portrayal on the soldiers we represent.

Our members come from all over New England, places like Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and also New York. We gather at various events to portray this unit and preserve the Memory of these Veterans.

By participating in Living History Displays, Parades, WWII Period USO Dances and Re-enacting Battle Tacticals, our unit "Keeps the memory alive" and educates the general public in the history, activities, military bearing, equipment and uniforms of the Soldiers we portray.

If you have an interest in WWII Living History contact us, we would gratefully welcome you to our Re-enacting / Living History Hobby.

We are often asked "where do you find this stuff?"

Well, it takes a good eye and better research to find the correct period uniforms, vehicles and equipment we use to preserve the history of the greatest generation.

Below are links to some of our resources:
The Yankee Division
Soldiers Supply Line