26YDHRG Forms
26th "Yankee" Infantry Division
26YDHRG & B Co. Forms:
WWII 26th Infantry "Yankee" Division
The listed forms are in Word Document ".doc" format.
These are the most often used form's of the
Yankee Division Historical Re-enactment Group.
1. Membership Application:
To be filled out and submitted to the Executive Board Secretary. Either in
person or by Mail.
4. Recruitment Hand-out: This is an informational hand-out.
It can be down loaded and printed out by members to pass along the
basic information regarding our WWII Living History Unit.
2. Under 18 Hold Harmless Form:
This form is required by all members under the age of 18th .
3. Waiver of Liability: Required at all Battle Tactical Events.
7. B Company Soldiers Guide Book:
Basic information on WWII Living History Re-enacting for unit members.
6. B Company Operational Instructions:
Rules, regulations & Guidlines of the operation of Company B 104th IR.
Document of rules & procedures governing the operations of the 26th
Yankee Division Historical Re-enactment Group.
8. Commissioned Officers Standard Operating Procedures:
Required information for YDHRG Commissioned Officers to follow.
9. Officer of the Day Operating Procedures:
Required information for Duty Officers & NCO's to follow.
10. Operating Procedures for encampment:
Required information for the set up of Display's, Campsites at Training,
Tactical & Static Displays.
10. Operating Procedure for Display events:
Required information for personnel at Display's.
11. Operating Procedure for ALL NCO's:
Required information for NCO's. Basic instruction course for troops.
12. Operating Procedure for ALL Sergeant's:
Required information for Platoon Sergeants & all other Sergeants taking
the place of the Platoon Sergeant.
The Standard Operating Procedures listed above are
created for the smooth and safe operation of WWII
Living History. All Yankee Division personnel are
responsible for the knowledge of its contents.
13. Awards & Qualifications:
Required information for all 26YDHRG Personnel, for wearing authorised
ribbons and insignia on the Dress Uniform.