The requirements for a M//Sgt or First Sergeant:
Appointment to Sergeant Major or Unit First Sergeant ( Based on the 1944 Infantry Battalion TO&E) By Unit Commanding Officer,
Candidate for Master Sergeant must have
10 Years Minimum in the Unit. Proficiency with FM-7-10, FM-7-20, FM 7-40, FM 21-100,
FM 22-5,  Company / Battalion Organization,Tactics and Leadership thereof.

This is an appointment position. Experience out
ways testing.
Phase-1, The historical fact relating to The Infantry Company  of WWII
Phase-2, Military Drill & Ceremony and Manual of Arms ( successfully Mastered / Instructed to Troops ).
Phase-3, Knowledge of duties and responsibilities of the Battalion / Company Sergeant / Administrative leadership.

1. Platoon Sergeant, Tactics and Deployment of Platoon, Squads & personnel.
2. Command voice, Authenticity Appearance, Platoon Movements & Military Drill and Leadership.
3. Admin
istrative Leadership... ETC.

The availability of Grades and Ranks within the organization is ultimately up to the unit Commander.
*Positions will be filled by the direction of the Unit Commander's.
26th Infantry " Yankee " Division
WWII Historical Re-enactment Group
Soldier Training and Requirements