The requirement for all Staff Sergeant Candidates are: Appointment to Squad Leader by unit commanding officer. ( Based on the 1944 Infantry Battalion TO&E)
Completion of the Grade 3 test and Proficiency with
FM-7-10, FM-7-20, FM 7-40, FM 21-100, FM 22-5, Squad Organization and Tactics and Leadership

Tests are given in three Phases,
Phase-1, The historical fact relating to The Infantry Squad leader.
Phase-2, Military Drill & Ceremony and Manual of Arms ( successfully Instructed to Troops ).
Phase-3, Technical Knowledge of equipment, weapons and Squad Tactics and Land Navigation.  Knowledge of duties and responsibilities of the squad leader.  
Q&A Given by NCO Cadre

1. Squad Leadership, Tactics and Deployment of personnel.
2. Land Navigation, Compass & Map.
3. Command voice , Authenticity Appearance, squad movements & Squad Command ability.

Where to find Information,
A. The FM 7-40,, FM 22-5 & FM 26-5
. A Practical application of Drill and Ceremony from the "NEW Infantry Drill Regulation" United States Army dated 1941.
. Proficiency with squad weaponry. Instructing and educating Both the public and troops..
D. for Required Historical Knowledge.

1. Rank and Grade testing during training events only:
January Training Event's:
Testing for Corporal available for qualified Troops.
B. April Training Event's:
Testing for Sergeant (Assistant Squad Leader/ 1944 TO&E) Testing for Sergeant available for qualified Troops.
C. July Training Event's:
Testing for Staff Sergeant (Squad Leader / 1944 TO&E) Testing for Staff Sergeant Available for qualified Troops.
D. October Training Event's:
Testing for Private First Class, Required for all Privates with a minimum of 365 days in the Yankee Division Historical Re-enactment Group.

2. Technician Grades (T/3, T/4 & T/5) Testing Based upon Knowledge Skills and Abilities:
WWII Military Vehicle Owner/Driver's - January Training Events.
B. Communications Equipment Owners and Operator's - April Training Events
C. Technical Operations & Preparations Specialties - July Training Events
D. Heavy Weapons Owner/Operator's - October Training Events

The availability of Grades and Ranks within the organization is ultimately up to the unit Commander.
*Positions will be filled by the direction of the Unit Commander.
26th Infantry " Yankee " Division
WWII Historical Re-enactment Group
Soldier Training