The requirement for all Staff Sergeant Candidates are: Appointment to Squad Leader by unit commanding
officer. ( Based on the 1944 Infantry Battalion TO&E) Compleation of the Grade 3 test and Proficiantcy
FM-7-10, FM-7-20, FM 7-40, FM 21-100, FM 22-5, Squad Organization and Tactics and
Leadership thereof.

Tests are given in three Phases,
Phase-1, The historical fact relating to The Infantry Squad leader.
Phase-2, Military Drill & Ceremony and Manual of Arms ( successfully Instructed to Troops ).
Phase-3, Technical Knowledge of equipment, weapons and Squad Tactics and Land Navigation.  
Knowledge of duties and responsibilities of the squad leader.  
Q&A Given by NCO Cadre

1. Squad Leadership, Tactics and Deployment of personnel.
2. Land Navigation, Compass & Map.
3. Command voice , Authenticity Appearence, squad movements & Squad Command ability.

Where to find Information,
A. The FM 7-40,, FM 22-5 & FM 26-5
. A Practical application of Drill and Ceremony from the "NEW Infantry Drill Regulation" United States
Army dated 1941.
. Proficiency with squad weaponry. Instructing and educating Both the public and troops..
F. and for
Required Historical Knowledge. This information will also apply to the Staff Sergeants Testing.

1. Rank and Grade testing during training events only:
January Training Event's:
Testing for Corporal available for qualified Troops.
B. April Training Event's:
Testing for Sergeant (Assistant Squad Leader/ 1944 TO&E) Testing for Sergeant available for qualified
C. July Training Event's:
Testing for Staff Sergeant (Squad Leader / 1944 TO&E) Testing for Staff Sergeant Available for qualified
D. October Training Event's:
Testing for Private First Class, Required for all Privates with a minimum of 365 days in the Yankee Division
Historical Re-enactment Group.

2. Technician Grades (T/3, T/4 & T/5) Testing Based upon Knowledge Skills and Abilities:
WWII Military Vehicle Owner/Driver's - January Training Events.
B. Communications Equipment Owners and Operator's - April Training Events
C. Technical Operations & Preparations Specialties - July Training Events
D. Heavy Weapons Owner/Operator's - October Training Events

The availability of Grades and Ranks within the organization is ultimately up to the unit Commander.
*Positions will be filled by the direction of the Unit Commander.
26th Infantry " Yankee " Division
Headquarters & Headquarters Company
YD Soldier Training