What to look for when searching for WWII US Navy Enlisted Uniforms:
USS Massachusetts Living History Group
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Old style Army Navy stores, Flea Markets, Yard & Garage Sales, Some online WWII Reproduction sites and the ever popular E-Bay. Idea's for Ebay Searches include but are not Limmited to:
searching the vintage section for "Chambray", "USN", "Navy", "Sailor", "Dungaree" & try the same searches in the WWII section.
Be sure to scan all the pages and bid upto the amount you are
willing to pay. Some members have only used E-Bay and over the course of a year have aquired their complete WWII Enlisted set of Uniforms for under 300.00 Now, this is no garentee, but it is a
good way to start and spend low money.