26th Yankee Division Living History Reenactors
26th Infantry " Yankee" Division
World War II
Living History - Reenactors

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The Second World War was the greatest armed conflict ever witnessed by mankind.
Thousands of young Americans would find themselves serving in far-flung battlefields around the world. It was
these individuals, The American G.I., who made the ultimate sacrifice to rid the world of tyranny.

This Living History organization is made up of individuals, from VT,NY,CT,NH,MA,ME,RI USA  and the
Czech Republic who are dedicated to preserving the history of these remarkable men.
By participating in living history displays, authentic battle re-enactments, parades and Veterans Events, we help
to bring the story of the American Soldier in WWII to life in the present day.

C'mon! What are you waiting for? You want to relive history!  You Know You Do!  
So, Join up!
Experience the life of a WWII G.I. in a Rifle Company
Then take pride in your YANKEE DIVISION and Join us in Living History.
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                                                    HERE is what you need to know to get started!

1. Age requirements: 18 - 99, Ages: 16-17 must have parental or legal guardian consent. Age 12-15 must have participating parent or guardian.
2. Recomended: New members attend a school of soldiers (WWII US GI Training Event) (Prior military exempt)
3. Recomended: New members acquire basic uniform see: www.26yd.com/p7
4. Must acquire a basic knowledge of WWII Yankee Division history with in the first year of membership.
5. Must acquire an M1 Garand rifle within the first year of activity
6. Must attend a minimum of 4 events a year.
7. Must conform to Grooming Standards of the YD during WWII. (I.E. Clean-shaven, short hair cut NO Jewelry from the neck up.)

8. Qualifications:
All Members are required to learn about the weapon they fire. As part of learning of the weapons of WWII, a living historian / Re-enactor must qualify with the
weapons of WWII. Twice a year Members attend a firearms training day at the rifle range and qualify with their rifle as well as other weapons that the soldier
may need to be familiar with. Such weapons include: The .30 cal Browning automatic Rifle (B.A.R.), M1919 .30 Cal Machine gun, M1911A1 .45 Automatic
Pistol, .30 Cal M1 Garand and /or the .30 cal M1 Carbine Rifle.

9. Within the first year a Living Historian / Re-enactor will also be required to learn Military Customs and Courtesies of WWII. Whom to salute and when to
salute, how to march and when to march, the proper regulation Uniform and the correct way to wear the Uniform.

10. Authenticity:
This Unit uses authentic period equipment and gear 99% of the time. However, original equipment is becoming more and more scarce as the year's roll-on and
now we find that there are a select few suppliers of WWII equipment that manufacture accurate reproductions. The use of Reproduction equipment is up to the
discretion of the Division Authenticity Officer.

11. This Unit portrays the soldier as he lived & tries to get an idea of his life. We randomly eat K-rations, D-rations, and C-rations at events in the field.
12. Research:
As time goes by you will find yourself researching what is most accurate. An accurate impression is Important. And performing the research can be a lot of fun.
Here are some Idea's to get you started:

The WW2 GI in Color Photographs - Richard Windrow and Tim Hawkins, Motor books International, 1993.  An excellent guide to US Army combats
uniforms in WW2.  All photos are in color, using re-enactors in period uniforms.

US Army Uniforms of World War II - Shelby Stanton, Stack pole Books, 1991.  The basic guide to the development of American uniforms during the war.  
Many great photographs.

U.S. Army Photo Album - Jonathan Gawne, History & Collections, 1996.  A collection of rare WW2 photos capturing the US Army in color!

Doughboy to GI - Kenneth Lewis, Norman D. Landing, 1993.  An illustrated guide to every item of clothing and equipment issued to the American soldier
Become a WWII Living Historian (Re-enactor)
If you are interested in Joining the Yankee Division please contact: colonel_devlin@26yd.com
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26th Infantry Division Historical Reenactment Group / Lliving Historians
Conduct activities throughout New England regularly.
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