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The following books are the best place to start when getting into re-enacting as a
hobby.  It is usually a good idea to stock up on reference material before you buy
one item of GI gear!  Most of these books can be found at Amazon.com.  Older or
vintage books are available from Bob Adams of B & L Collectibles.

Uniforms and Equipment
The WW2 GI in Color Photographs - Richard Windrow and Tim Hawkins, Motorbooks
International, 1993.  An excellent guide to US Army combat uniforms in WW2.  All
photos are in color, using re-enactors in period uniforms.

US Army Uniforms of World War II - Shelby Stanton, Stackpole Books, 1991.  The
basic guide to the development of American uniforms during the war.  Many great

U.S. Army Photo Album - Jonathan Gawne, Historie & Collections,1996.  A collection of
rare WW2 photos capturing the US Army in color!

Doughboy to GI - Kenneth Lewis, Norman D. Landing, 1993.  An illustrated guide to
every item of clothing and equipment issued to the American soldier in WW1 and

US Infantry Weapons of World War II - Bruce Canfield, Andrew Mowbray, 1996.  
Comprehensive guide to all weapons used by the Infantry in WW2

The War in the Pacific - Jonathan Gawne, Stackpole Books, 1996.  An illustrated
guide to the US Army in the Pacific.

Patton's Third Army - Christopher J. Anderson, Stackpole Books, 1997.  A collection of
photos covering the Third Army.   Many pictures of the 26th Division and 104th

Patton's Third Army at War - George Forty, Arms and Armour Press, 1992.  A brief
history of the Third Army with many excellent photographs.

The 26th Infantry Division
Normandy to the Bulge - Richard D. Courtney, Southern Illinois University Press,
1997.  An excellent first person account of a GI in the 104th Infantry Regiment.  Many
great tidbits of information on the everyday life of a soldier in WW2.

History of a Combat Regiment, the 104th Infantry - A period unit history about the
illustrious 104th Infantry Regiment.
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