26th Yankee Division
The Second World War was the greatest armed conflict ever witnessed by mankind.  Thousands of young Americans
would find themselves serving in far flung battlefields around the world.  It was these individuals, the American
GI, who made the ultimate sacrifice to rid the world of tyranny.

We are a group of individuals dedicated to preserving the history of these remarkable men.  By participating in
living history displays and authentic battle re-enactment's, we help to bring the story of the American soldier
in WW2 to life in the present day.

Authenticity.  This is the entire idea behind any living history group.  In order to create a "living history"
you must take great pains to research and accumulate the items needed to bring to life the time period you are

Our unit goes to great lengths to accurately re-create the experience of the average American foot soldier in the
Second World War.  From our authentic period camp and the rations we eat in the field, to the clothing and
equipment we wear on our backs, we strive to be an exact living recreation of an American rifle platoon during
the Second World War.
Second Squad, 1st Platoon, Dunbarton November 2006
Unlike other re-enactment groups, we focus on the common infantryman, the famous GI, as he
appeared in all theaters of WW2.  As a member you will see what it was like to fight the German
army in damp Belgian forests or the hedgerows of Normandy.  You will go face to face with
determined Japanese defenders in a simulated Pacific battlefield.  The opportunities are endless,
no two re-enactment events are the same.

As a living history group, we also participate in living history events and encampments.  By doing
so we give the public the opportunity to experience history on a first hand basis.  For many
veterans who visit us at these functions, we provide a valuable living reminder to the memories of
their experiences overseas.

As a member you will start out as a private, a rifleman in a rifle squad.  By participating in events
you will earn rank and awards.   You will have the chance to act as a medic, a machine gunner, a
mortarman, or any of the other positions in a WW2 Rifle company.  If you have leadership skills,
you will see what it was like to command a squad or section under simulated combat conditions.