Uniform's of the WWII Yankee Division
Obtaining a complete kit will take some time. We recomended that you start with a
M1937 wool uniform, captoe or roughout boots, leggings and m41 jacket
CLOTHING (accurate representation of the WWII GI is our Goal)

M-41 Field jacket - An original or approved repro.   Buttons
should be the correct brown or olive color.

M1937 OD Wool Shirt -Original or approved reproductions
(I.E. w/shoulder straps) examples allowed.

M1937 OD Wool Trousers - Original or approved repro. Only
mustard shade examples accepted.

Wool "Jeep" Cap - Original or approved repro in correct shade of
OD (not green)  wool.

Wool Overcoat - Original.  Examples should have brass rather
than plastic buttons.

Overseas Cap - Original or approved repro in correct OD wool.
Light blue piping or no piping, allowed.

EM Dismounted Raincoat - Original, approved repro, or postwar
(same pattern) Preferred to the poncho.

5 Button High Neck Sweater - Original, approved repro, or
modern GI with correct WW2 buttons.

Leather Palm Wool Gloves - Original, approved repro, or postwar
French Army.  The only type glove allowed.

HBT Fatigues - Original or approved repro. 1st or 2nd pattern
jacket and trousers with 13 star metal buttons. Worn only for
pacific war and select ETO events (per authenticity officers

3/4 Roughout or Cap Toe Service Shoes - Original or approved

Wool Scarf - Original or approved repro. Red Cross or cut from
blanket style.

Wool Service Tunic - Original or approved repro. All unit insignia
and awards are worn on this uniform.

M1923 Cartridge Belt
- Original or approved repro. Khaki colored
examples only.

M1928 Haversack - Original only, with meat can pouch.

M1910 or M1942 First Aid Pouch - Original khaki colored
examples only.

M1910 Canteen cover - Original khaki colored examples only.

M1910 Canteen and Cup - Original with war time dates. Stainless
steel examples preferred for health reasons.

M1938 Dismounted Leggings - Original khaki colored examples

M1910 E-Tool w/Cover - Original or approved repro "T" handled
shovel w/khaki cover.

Lightweight Gas Mask Bag - Without mask.  Original khaki, OD, or
OD and Khaki transitional.  Used to carry ammo, grenades,
rations, etc.

M1 Steel Helmet w/Liner - Original only.  Helmet must be the
correct color and have split in rim located in the front.  Fixed bales
are preferred over flexible, but flexible are allowed.  Straps must
be khaki in color and sewn onto the bales.  Liner must be of WW2
vintage and have khaki colored HBT suspension and leather

Helmet Net - The 3/4 inch British style net is standard for the
26th, but other types of net are acceptable.

Bayonet - Original 10 inch bayonet, new or cut down manufacture
with M7 plastic scabbard.  16 inch M1910 or M1942 Bayonets are
acceptable for early war (1941 - 1943) events.

M1940 Identification Tags (Dog Tags) - Original or approved
repro "tooth" notched tags with chain.

Shelter Half - Original Khaki colored shelter half with either open
or closed end.  No OD allowed!

Shelter Half Pins and Poles - 5 original or approved repro
wooden pegs, 1 original folding tend pole and guy line.

Mess Kit - Original M1926 mess kit with knife, fork, and spoon.

OD Wool Blankets (2) - Original, approved repro, or approved
post war.

*Note - The use of M36 Suspenders and Musette Bags is NOT
allowed in the 26th, with the exception of commisioned officers.
OPTIONAL ITEMS (or approved Reproductions)
The following items are optional, however members
are encouraged to pick them up in order to improve
their authenticity for different events.

M43 Field Jacket - Original or approved repro. Worn
for events late 1944 and on.

2 Buckle Combat Boots - Original or approved
(The French 2 Buckle Boots are not
Acceptable, they are a poor representaion of US 2
Buckle boots)
Worn for events late 1944 and on.

M1943 Folding Shovel w/Cover - Original only.  
War time dated cover can be OD, Khaki, or OD and
Khaki transitional.   Used in post D-Day events only.

M1943 Jungle Pack - Original only. OD, Camo, or
Green and Khaki examples may be worn for Pacific
theatre events.  OD variant may be used for select
ETO events.

Poncho - Original or approved repro. Must be WW2
version without hood.  May be used for Pacific war
events and for ETO in lieu of the raincoat.

GP Ammo Bag - Original. Khaki or OD and Khaki
transitional variants are acceptable.  Used to carry
ammo, grenades, rifle grenades etc.
M41 Jacket, Mustard Wool Uniform, M1 Rifle, M1923
belt, Leggings and cap toe boots
Hot Weather " HBT" uniform
This is standard of the uniform worn by the Yankee
Division after August of 1944, when Deployed to
Europe: M1943 Jacket, M1943 Buckle Boots, M43
Shovel, M1923 Cartrige Belt, Canteen, Bayonet,
Bandoleer, M1 Garand Rifle, M1 Steele Pot and M1928
Members of 1st squad taking a break after a long patrol. They are
out side the company "CP" or Command Post for De-briefing  The
squad is wearing M1937 Mustard wool field uniform.
To the right: 26YD members in class "A" uniform worn for Inspections and special events
Training Information
Re-enacting with the 26th Infantry "YANKEE" Division is about the camaraderie of unit cohesion,
commemoration of a great generation and the enjoyment of the WW2 reenacting hobby.
With the Yankee Division, Living History , you will get out of it  what you put into it.
"Good friends, good times, good memories"