At The Front: here you can find an assortment of items. pricey
yes. but they have a fantastic M43 field jacket. they also have
EBay auctions for their goods

What Price Glory: here you can find militaria that is British and
US, I've found that they have a nice class A service coat.
However it is missing that mustard shade that the original's have.
again for some goods they are a bit pricey

Military Tour.com: These guys have the best M43 boot in my
opinion. very comfy and high quality construction. for the money
you get a boot that will last! I put mine through the test and they
are still kicking!

Bayonet Inc: If you don't wish to use authentic gear for a
tactical Event ( which is wise, you don't want to ruin it) then here
is a site that has Reproduction gear. I'm not a fan of their M1923
Cartridge belt's but they have a great GP bag

WWII Impressions: Top of the line good quality reproductions.
They are a bit pricey, however ordering is easy. I really like the
stuff I bought from them. The closest to Original I've seen..

eBay, WWII section: GOOD LUCK!!!!!   You might score well
here or you might get ripped off.  Its what I call POT LUCK!
You really have to pay attention to the pictures and ask the seller
Find your gear here!
Buying a complete kit can be very expensive.    *(Shop Around)*
We recommend you build it over time, Piece by Piece!
"M1937 Uniform First everything else as time follows"
Yankee Division personnel have
over a year to obtain a complete kit.

Its easy, Just shop around. Start looking here, have fun!
This page contains a partial list of what is out there and where to find it on-line. Remember some of
the best deals can be found at a flea market or Army/Navy Surplus Store, depending upon what it is
your looking for and how much your willing to pay.  Just a side note, most of your On-Line supply
store's do charge quite a bit for both authentic and reproduction gear. So shop wisely and ask your
fellow re-enactor's what they think of the deals and/or gear they have purchased from On-Line.
Speaking for myself, I can say there is some good reproduction items out there and their are some
down right garbage as well.
Its trial and error. Good Luck!