Recruiting and/or Falling In
Existing Re-enactment Groups or Unit's entering into the 26th Infantry Division
WWII Reenactors must be comprised of no less than (5) five members. This is
considered half a squad in size and will be attached to an element of the
Yankee Division to be determined upon discussion with designated leader.

A (1) one year probationary period is in effect for all new organized WWII
Yankee Division Reenactment units.

Attached Squad: Any unit or group joining the organization with a min of 5
people will be considered a new squad. New squad members are requested to
participate in at least 60% of the years unit posted activity.
A Membership fee of 10.00 a year has been imposed to allow members voting
rights at the Executive Board meetings.
All rules, regulations & by-laws are prescribed by HQ 26th Infantry Division
WWII Living History Re-enactors Board.

All Unit members are required to follow the Soldier Training and Knowledge
information found on the Headquarters Company web page. Information regarding
training, Time in grade, Testing for Promotion and Yankee Division WWII history
can also be found.

Authenticity Guidelines: Are found on the website, The YD has very
stringent guidelines not only for the WWII uniform but for the 1944 TO&E.
The Authenticity officer has over 20 years experience in education and
collecting WWII GI history.

Contact Information: Unit web Page development are provided by
Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 26th Yankee Division WWII Living History.

Should you or your unit consider joining 26YD.COM contact: Command
26th Infantry "YANKEE" Division
Headquarters & Headquarters Company
WWII Living History Re-enactors
UNITS: If intersted in creating a "Unit" print and send in this information: "Forming a Unit"
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